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May 31, 2017

Bruce and Dan take you on quick walk through fifth dimension as they delve into the Fourth Episode of the TWILGHT ZONE.  A Once featured Starlet of the silver screen pines for yester-year and her leading men.  Not our most energetic episode, MORE TO COME!......Better episodes on the Horizon!! NEXT WEEK...: TIME TRAVEL!!

Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 4 : 16mm Shrine



Ida Lupino, Martin Balsam, Jerome Crowan, Ted de Corsia, Alice Frost

Written by:

Rod Serling

Directed By:

Mitchell Leisen

Episode Summary:

Barbara Jean Trenton is a starlet of !930's Old Hollywood who refuses to leave the past behind by re-watching her old movies, pining for her past leading men of the silver screen. Barbara's agent tries desperately to lure her out of self-imposed isolation.