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Sep 4, 2017

This week in the Fifth Dimension Dan and Frank meet Arch Hammer, a cheap little man. A man with a supernatural talent and master plan, as we learn, to ruin some Lives. 

Based on a short story, We talk about George Clayton Johnson,his first contribution to The Twilight Zone, and the beginning of an incredible screenwriting career.

This Chilling episode is one of the first season's most bizarre and Aired on New years Day 1960, somewhat ushering in a decade of discovery within the mind.

The Twilight Zone : And The Four of Us are Dying

Wriitten by: Rod Serling (based on George Clayton Johnson's unpublished short story)

Director: John Brahm

Director of Photography: George T.Clemens

Starring: Harry Townes, Ross Martin, Don Gordon, Beverly Garland, Peter Brocco, Bernard Fein, Sam Rawlins

Music: Jerry Goldsmith