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Jan 13, 2020

On this episode of the Imagine if You Will Podcast; it's another edition of "Rod and Dan's Dimension Diner"- The Twilight Zone Podcast Cooking Show! Dan is Getting ready for Christmas and shares some of his favorite, quick, and easy desert recipes. Topping it all off with a Kale and Beet smoothie that will help detoxify and clean out all the holiday gunk from your guts! We Talk OG "The Twilight Zone : The Mind and the Matter ", a comedy from Rod Serling Starring the late, great Shelley Berman ( ) and Directed By Buzz Kulik. Enjoy This Twilight Zone Podcast - cooking show, please like, subscribe, and check out our back catalogue of episode specific Twilight Zone Podcasts where ever you listen to podcasts! If you're really cool, leave a FIVE STAR review!! Thank you for checking this out in the sea of content that is the internet. *Ran into some tech and time difficulties on this one, bear with us.