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Jun 11, 2017

In This week's episode Dan is joined by his longtime friend Ed Jagiello of the Band Famous Fred and the Creatures UnKnown

Bruce again is Sorely missed. Enjoy this laid back review and analysis of the sixth episode of The Twilight Zone, featuring the debut of THE DEVIL !!! meh... meh meh meh..mehh meh #Metal

This episode was hailed by Critics and audiences alike as one of the twilight Zone's greatest comedic episodes.

The Twilight Zone :Season 1 Episode 6


Aired : November 6,1959

Written By: Rod Serling

Directed by: Mitchel Leisen

Starring: Joe Flynn, Wendell Holmes, David Wayne, Virginia Christine

Episode Summary:

This classic episode of the Twilight Zone focuses on Walter Bedeker. Mr. Bedeker is a 44 year-old narcissistic hypochondriac. Bedeker meets Ted Cadwallader, who he soon learns is the Devil itself. Cadwallader presents an offer to Bedeker; his soul in exchange for immortality, complete invincibility. Bedeker begins to test this new invulnerability and in one such test, his wife falls to her death.  Bedeker takes the blame for killing his wife in hopes to receive the death penalty and challenge his powers with the electric chair. This is the Twilight Zone and of course Bedeker is sentenced sentenced to life in prison.